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Chapter 1: After years of training the day has finally arrived. The zombie apocalypse has run rampant over the population. Maru and his Uncle have been ready for this, right?

Chapter 2: Separated from his Uncle, Maru urgently tries to rendezvous with him at their chosen location.

Chapter 3: Among all the chaos of the zombie horde there is still someone out there who seems to be in control of the situation. Who is this man?

Chapter 4: Maru's temporary shelter has been compromised, but something happens that pauses the dire situation.

Chapter 5: Unable to move his body, Maru is taken to a strange place. With new places comes new discoveries, but not all of them are good ones.

Chapter 6: In hopes of making a bad situation better, Maru makes a deal with the Sorcerer Mo. No cost is too high to save Uncle, or is there?

Chapter 7: Found by a mysterious girl who seems to know a thing or two, Maru is forced to awaken something within himself he never knew he had.

Chapter 8: Something nasty is after Maru and Kaori. Can they get along long enough to hit a hard ball out of the park or will they fall victim into the gutter?

Chapter 9: There is a lot more going on under the surface as Maru and Kaori try to figure something out about their situation.

Chapter 10: The Duo edge closer to the mausoleum but with every step, it's almost as though something else was always on their tails.