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In order to sign up for a 9DKP TCG Tournament, one must come to the ESC-TOY booth at the convention they are attending or whatever designated location for registration declared by ESC-TOY. The player must have the following:

  • A full 40-card deck.

    • This must follow 9DKP’s ruling for deck building: 3 copies of the same card max (if a POW card, only 1 copy max). Only one POW per faction is permitted.

    • Although starter decks are allowed, it is encouraged that the player makes their own modifications via booster packs.

  • A device with the 9DKP Companion App installed.

    • Internet connection not required after installation.

    • This is HIGHLY recommended as the app contains features that will be utilized for the tournament’s purposes specifically (i.e. Tourney Mode).

    • Please bring a portable charger if battery life becomes an issue. If under any circumstance where the player cannot provide their own device, a physical counter will be given.

  • YOUR TIME! (a lot of it.)

    • This event can potentially take up a large amount of time if you are to advance through the ranks (if during a convention, possibly the entire day). If you have a tight schedule, please consider making changes for more time for the event or refrain from registering to prevent an early dropout.


Tournament System

The system for the 9DKP TCG Tournament will run with a mixture of tournament styles as you play and advance. For conventions, the roster is capped at 8. If there are more participants willing to enter, then 12 players must be achieved prior to the tournament commencing.

Preliminary rounds will be played in Round Robin, best 2 out of 3. Participants will be separated into different groups and everyone in their group will have an opportunity to play against each other. After those matches have concluded, the player with the most wins will advance into semi-finals. The number of players determines the amount of groups playing and the amount of people in each group.

  • If there are 8 players, they are separated into 2 groups of 4. After matches, the 2 best players from each group will advance into semi-finals.

  • If there are 12 players, they are separated into 4 groups of 3. After matches, the best player from each group will advance into semi-finals.

In order to prevent any ties, the winning player’s health from each game will be recorded. The player with the most health retained after the matches will be deemed the winner.

After preliminaries, the tournament will continue under Double Elimination. In other words, the player will be considered out after losing two matches. There are two brackets involved “Winner’s” and “Loser’s”. All players will begin under the Winner’s Bracket, any player who lost their match will then be sent to Loser’s to fight everyone else who had lost. Any player that loses their match under Loser’s Bracket will be out of the tournament from then on. The winner from Winner’s Bracket will advance as usual. This process continues until Grand Finals.

Grand Finals will be played best 3 out of 5. The player coming from Winner’s Bracket will only have to beat their opponent ONCE in order to win the tournament. On the other hand, the player coming from Loser’s Bracket will have to beat their opponent TWICE in order to win the tournament.

The standings would be:

  • 1st Place: Winner of Grand Finals

  • 2nd Place: Loser of Grand Finals

  • 3rd Place: Loser of Loser’s Finals


Game Rules

  • All players will start with 3000 HP & 0 DKP. (9DKP Companion App recommended!)

  • Players will use timers during matches. Each passing turn, the player will have 60 seconds to complete all actions within their turn. The player must end their turn the moment the timer reaches zero.

  • After a game concludes, players must notify staff of their win as well as the amount of HP that they won with.