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Welcome to 9DKP: The TCG!

9DKP is a Trading Card Game (TCG) for 2  players, that takes place in the 9DKP universe that was created by world famous, toy designer Erick Scarecrow.

9DKP eschews complex rules for a lighter, faster game that still provides players with the fun and depth found in other TCGs. This Streamlined game play makes 9DKP the perfect game for players new to the genre, or for masters looking for something new.



With hundreds of cards to choose from, 9DKP: The TCG gives players nearly an infinite amount of choices when it comes to building their decks. Fill out your ranks with Character cards that generate DKP and offer special abilities. Think strategically and pair Characters with unique abilities to make powerful combos, or fill out your deck with Characters that quickly and consistently fill your DKP bank! 

Spend your amassed DKP to use powerful Skratch cards that can cause game-changing results, or use it to put into play rare and powerful Character cards that can annihilate your opponent!

9DKP: The Trading Card Game History

9DKP is a love letter to the teens-turned-super-team TV shows of days gone by. Originally envisioned by Erick Scarecrow as a half-hour animated series with a serialized story, 9DKP was going to introduce audiences to a world with deep lore and unique characters. As such, Erick created dozens of characters with their own backstories, desires, and foibles.


In the midst of continuing to create heroes, villains, and civilians for the 9DKP show, Erick discovered a design document and prototype for a card game he created in his early days as a designer. It only took one playthrough of the game for Erick to immediately remember the appeal of the fast, fun, and easy to learn game he had created so long ago. There was only one problem: a lack of diversity in cards. Since the prototype was just a sample he had put together to demo the game concept, there were only a few characters for either faction. Erick instantly saw a wealth of content to fill the void in the game that sat in front of him, and 9DKP: The Trading Card Game was born.


Marrying the mechanics of his original game idea with the characters from 9DKP, Erick had more than enough heroes and villains to create three factions: Kats, Zombies, and Survivors. He then worked with a team of playtesters and developers to polish his original concept to completion. Once he and the team were satisfied with the refined gameplay, Erick took 9DKP: The TCG to kickstarter. Successfully crowdfunded by fans of tabletop and card game, 9DKP: The TCG is now ready for the world to play it.

About the Creator

Erick Scarecrow is a world famous artist and collectible toy designer. Blending fine art, urban art, and sculpture, Erick’s pieces have been bought by art collectors the world over. One defining characteristic of Erick’s pieces is that they all have their own universe and lore attached to them. It is from this creative vision that the 9DKP universe and, now, 9DKP: The TCG were born.


9DKP: The TCG Products

Kat Deck

Like their smaller, more domesticated fellow felines, the Kats love to play with their prey! Kings of the concrete jungle, Kats excel at manipulating, and out-right destroying their opponent’s plans. Able to swipe DKP points from their enemies, Kats deny their challengers the ability to play their strongest Characters and Skratch cards, while using the stolen DKP to their own devices. Kats are so efficient at creating misfortune for their opposition that they’ll have their opponents swearing that a black Kat must have crossed their path! 

Survivor Deck

The zombie apocalypse has been hard on the Survivors, but don’t let their lack of magical abilities and monstrous minions fool you into thinking they don’t stand a chance! Survivors have become the masters of carefully picking their targets and controlling the battlefield. Able to knock enemies into Kat-nap, wake their Characters up from Kat-nap, and even clear the whole battlefield in a single turn, Survivors can easily neutralize cannon-fodder Characters and directly target the other player with their biggest and best attacks. So, take note supernatural adversaries, there’s no topping human ingenuity! 


Zombie Deck

It has been said that there is strength in numbers, and nowhere has that been truer than in the heart of the Zombie horde! Individually, Zombie Characters are easily defeated, but their true power lies in their penchant to swarm! Able to overwhelm their opponents quickly, Zombies are unequaled in their ability to keep the range filled with Characters, thus protecting their commander’s health! Even when their opponent whittle down their numbers, it’s all too commons for Zombies to rise from their graves and shuffle back into the range! A fearsome foe for Survivors and Kats alike, Zombies are a shambling unstoppable mass!

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Pick your side!

9DKP: The TCG has three starter deck options for players new to the game: Zombie, Kat, and Survivor. Each deck plays differently than the others and is composed mostly of the deck's cover faction.  Starter decks, regardless of which type, are a great way to learn the game! Not only do starter decks provide players with enough cards to play 9DKP, they also include a paper play-mat that makes learning the game easier, a paper counter to track Health Points and DKP, a custom 6-sided die used by some cards in the game, and a quick start rule book that will tech players the game and provide examples. 

9DKP: The TCG Starter Decks include:

  • 1 HP/DKP Counter
  • 1 6-Sided 9DKP Dice
  • 1 Paper Play Mat
  • 1 Quickstart Manual
  • 35 Standard 9DKP Cards
  • 5 Hologram 9DKP Cards

9DKP: The TCG Booster box

Players wanting to customize their starter decks, or build new decks entirely from scratch need look no further than the 9DKP: The TCG Booster Box. Booster boxes are a great investment for players looking to build multiple decks or collect the rarest cards!

Booster Box Contains:

  • 24 booster packs
    • 10 cards per pack


Need just a small fix to perfect you unbeatable deck? Booster packs are the perfect purchase for players looking to make small changes to their current favorite deck. Offering rare and powerful cards not available in the starter decks, booster packs are a small investment that can produce epic results!

Booster Pack Contains: 

  • 10 cards per pack