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Maru Maju aka number 1

Trained by his uncle, Uncle Maju, Maru Maju has been preparing for the zombie apocalypse since the day he was born. While never given the proper education society expects, things like reading social cues and interpersonal skills, he is more than equipped to survive in the dangerous new world he finds himself in.

Maru's agreement to be branded, thus becoming Number 1, was quick, and he accepted his new-found power with joy and revelry. However, his eagerness to use his powers and his nontraditional upbringing have at times put him at odds with the other members of 9DKP.

When Maru changes into Number 1, his body becomes a gold-plated robot with nearly indestructible claws.  He's able to stretch his arms to great lengths and can become a spinning top of destruction.  



granny Hisa aka number 2

The opposite of an old cat lady, Granny Hisa has always hated the little creatures. She hated cats so much that she even refused to place a traditional Maneki Neko good luck charm in her mochi shop. When the shop closed up, Granny Hisa found a way to blame it on cats.

So imagine her dismay when she learned she would become one of her feline-foes.  Granny Hisa originally considered being Number 2 as a curse, but the longer she's spent inside the skin of a Kat, the more she grew to accept and even understand them. 

Now reformed of her distaste, Granny Hisa has started adopting any ally cat that comes her way, and oddly enough it seems like her luck is changing.

When Granny Hisa transforms into Number 2, her closest ally is her signature Kat-Claw Nunchaku. Able to strike as fast as lightning and hard enough to shatter nearly anything, Number 2's Nunchaku are a devistating weapon. 



Gaki Shizuka AKA Number 3

For years, the Shizuka family struggled with their loud and excitable son, Gaki. Obsessed with military technology and strategy, Gaki's always dressed himself in camouflage and has been on a personal mission to collect "military intelligence." This so-called intelligence was nothing more than Gaki scribbling notes about the comings and goings of his "suspicious" neighbors.

Tired of trying to wrangle their son, and worried about his penchant for snooping, The Shizuka family took Gaki to numerous doctors, for both his mind and body. Gaki never gave up on his delusion, but it did appear to deviate. 

Not too long after Gaki became a "military test subject" (his words), he started telling both his family and his doctors that he was turning into a Kat. He claimed that a strange team of aliens had tampered with his DNA and gave him the power to transform. Of course his parents doubted this, until they saw it happen. Now Gaki is gathering all the "military secrets" he can before he has to face the evil alien called Babusa. 

Number 3's most powerful weapon is his helmet. Like some kind of mystical grab-bag of military tech and weaponry,  reaching into the bag allows Number 3 to pull out anything his heart desire's, just as long as its small enough to fit through the rim of the helmet. 



Jimmy Rokka AKA Number 4

Jimmy Rokka is one of the few musicians in this world that inherited his fame, while also earning it. When he came on the scene, people assumed that he was just another one-hit-wonder that got noticed due to his family.  Jimmy's Father, Rimmi Rokka, was the front man for the famous 80's rock group Ninja Run Ninja. Raised on the road, and surrounded by the rock and roll lifestyle, Jimmy is an incredibly cool customer who's laid-back attitude is only matched by his incredible style. 

Babusa's return cut Jimmy's tour short and left him stranded in the same city as a few other members of 9DKP. Now Jimmy is traveling through the city on personal quest for a mysterious item that holds a lot of value for him.

Number 4 is highly skilled in the ways of Ninjutsu. A highly skilled used of the ninja star, and able to make use of ninja magic when the time arises, Number 4 is as good of a fighter as Jimmy is a rocker.



Gamo Manzo AKA Number 5

A quiet loner, Gamo Manzo comes across as being quite odd for his age. The youngest member of 9DKP, next to Gaki, Gamo is cool and collected, and often prefers to skate around alone than to be caught up in the group. Since Gamo never mentions his family, many members of 9DKP speculate that Gamo was a drifter before Babusa returned. The only only thing e does mention is a few odd dreams he's had of battling Babusa in the distant past.

When Gamo first met up with the rest of the 9DKP team, it was expected that he and Jimmy would bond, due to their similar loner nature. However, Gamo stuck up a very unexpected friendship with Mr. Koko and his dog Nashi. Now Gamo is often found hanging around Mr. Koko and playing with Nashi, when he isn't out skating or fighting Babusa, of course.

Number 5 is a master swordsman. In fact he's so deadly and precise with his katana that he can even slice the wind itself, sending powerful blasts of air flying in the direction of his swings. Even though his sword mastery is unparalleled, Number 5's true power lies under his eye-patch. Hidden under that protective piece of cloth is a Kat eye so mystical that it allows Number 5 to view the world is slow motion. Combined with his natural swordsmanship, this time-bending ability makes Number 5 a force to be reckoned with.




Aki Hiji AKA Number 6

Aki Hiji is the dictionary definition of a star student. Focused on getting good grades, Aki lives a very regimented life. He wakes up at the same time every day, eats the same meals, and follows his strict study schedule. To other people, this life seems boring, but for Aki it's perfect.

When Aki was selected to become a member of 9DKP his first thought was how this new responsibility would impact his academic life. Since then he's struggled with balancing between his studies and his activities as a member of the 9DKP.

Number 6 is the exact opposite of Aki. Tapping into their shared heightened intelligence, Number 6 builds devastating explosives and diabolical traps. The only thing louder and more flamboyant that Number 6's bombs and traps is his mouth and personality.   



Mr. Koko AKA Number 7

Old age hit Mr. Koko pretty hard. Gone were the days of him and his pet dog, Nashi, playing in the park and going for long walks.  Mr. Koko spent most of his time at home, bored, watching his incredibly large collection of classic movies. Maybe it was the standard, nostalgic, bitterness that comes with old age, or maybe it was something else, but Mr. Koko had grown grouchy in recent years. 

All that changed when he was selected to become part of the 9DKP. Now, Mr. Koko is excited to wake up in the mornings and face the day. He's also one of the few members that  invites the opportunity to face down  horde of zombies or go toe-to-toe with Babusa. Many of his teammates believe his eagerness steams from his ability to transform into Number 7.

Although older than most of the others, Number 7 fights with a vigor and strength which is almost unmatched. His skills with his trust spear are incredibly, but don't explain where his power comes from. The answer to that mystery fills the jug that Number 7 always keeps by his side. Sloshing back and forth, Number 7's magical milk increases his strength with every sip he takes of it. That's why Number 7 is often seen chugging from the jug before a big fight, and, thanks to his luxurious mustache, he always has a little left in reserve if you ever needs it mid-battle. 



Hema Ma AKA Number 8

Hema Ma is teen divided into two very different halves. To the casual acquantince Hema is the typical teenage girl. She loves to keep her social media presence updated in between texting her friends about the latest rumors and gossip. On the other hand, Hema's the founder of the "Super Strange Myths Club," a school sponosred club for young and ambitious paranormal investigators. While the club has a few members, Hema is definitely the most dedicated, studying and researching as many paranormal events and myths as she can. She even runs the similarly titled "Super Strange Myths Blog."

Hema felt being selected to become a member of 9DKP was due to her dedication to unraveling the mysteries of the unknown world. As such, she was quick to research the history and legends surrounding the powers she's been granted, and now she just might be the only member of the team who actually knows what's going on.

As number 8, she's a crack shot with her three 6-shot revolvers. Her ability to take aim and hit her mark makes number 8 deadly at any distance.  




Kaori AKA Number 9

As a child Kaori would often have long uncontrollable sneezing bouts. For years her family took her doctor after doctor, but none could determine the cause. After one doctor suggested it might be hereditary, Kaori's parents did learn that hey had a great-ancestor that would often sneeze uncontrollably as well. Eventually, Kaori's sneezing stopped but something new took its place:  a heightened, and different, sense of smell.

After doing some digging into her family's past Kaori learned that her great-ancestor, the one that sneezed as she did, claimed to have been allegric to yokai. Since that discover Kaori has honed her nose to be adelpt at sniffing out anything paranormal. This eventually led her to join the Super Strange Myths Club and become close friends with Hema Ma.

Number 9 weilds a incredibly destructive mace. Enchanted and tuned to her, no one can swing, or even lift Number 9's mace.


Uncle Maju

An eccentric, old, hermit, Uncle Maju has always been something of a mystery to the people that surrounded him. His neighbors always assumed he was the last of Maju bloodline, with no relatives or heirs to his name. So imagine their surprise when one day Uncle Maju becomes the legal guardian of Maru Maju, his nephew. Even more surprising is that the addition of a young boy didn't bring Uncle Maju out of his house more than before, but rather just added another hermit to the neighborhood. 

Uncle Maju and Maru Maju spent their days practicing to survive all sorts of paranormal apocalypses, from zombies to demons. They even went so far as to hire movie extras to play the roles of zombies from time to time. so the two could practice escaping from a real-life horde. While all of this seems quite strange Uncle's neighbors, they have to admit that it was very sweet of him to take up caring for Maru after his parents mysteriously disappeared.   




Not much is actually known about Mo, outside of the fact that he's been the one granting members of 9DKP with their powers. An alchemist and a sorcerer, Mo is able to travel through dimensions and even affect the fabric of space and time. However, where he comes from and how much influence he has on this world is still unknown to each member of 9DKP.

The onyl other clue the team has about Mo is that each of them have had very different experiences when they encountered Mo.




At one point, Babusa was the scourge of the human world. A nine-tailed demon capable of raising the dead, Babusa had a penchant for treating villages like scratching posts and graveyards as litter boxes. It seemed as if humanity was destined to forever remain pinned under the massive paws of their evil feline oppressor.

However, and this is where the legends become a bit murky, Babusa was eventually defeated and, in his defeat, his 9 tails were cut off. Oozing with mystical power, his 9 tails were fused with 9 humans in an effort to create a team of protectors in case Babusa were ever to return. For centuries Babusa laid dormant and the power of his tails passed down from generation to generation, until one day...



Detective Bara

Everyone has bad days on the job, it's just a fact of life. Unfortunately for Detecive Bara his worst day on the job was also his last. It was a day so bad that it actually made something inside this tired, old, cop snap.

Now Bara wanders the streets, promising to re-birth the Earth through an unending wave of napalm-fueled firepower.  

2018-04-09 (36575.png



An agent from a highly secretive corporation called the Paranormal Investigation Office (P.I.O.) that was assigned to investigate the recent zombie attack cases. 

Her team was ambushed by zombies during her first mission. She is the only survivor that was saved by the 9DKP. Since then she feels indebted to them and helps them whenever she can. This places her in a hard position because her superiors at PIO require her to maintain a watch on the 9DKP.

What Agent Annie doesn't know is that PIO is secretly trying to harness the power that is creating zombies so they can sell it to militarys around the world.